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Letters From Our Readers -- I'm The Black Sheep While The Shepherds Sleep

I'm making a separate entry for this because the explanation is too long and I don't want to bury this, I want it to be a sort of all points bulletin.

The fine and upstanding mornblade wrote a comment about my last post about an industry pro who is apparently familiar with me.  The tipoff was an expression that I use and no one else does (so obviously "dude" isn't it).  He wrote:

"What phrase? I'm so used to how you say things that I don't always realize when you are saying something differently than other people."

First, I want to start off with a little story.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone, when they first created South Park, goofed on Bob Saget.  Saget was flattered by the attention, so much so that, whenever he saw them, he would start hanging with them or talk to others about how Parker and Stone dug his stuff or whatever.  Parker and Stone went out of their way to avoid the guy because he misinterpreted what they did as some sort of sign that there was some mutual appreciation going on.

Now, back to mornblade's question.  As much as I hate to say it, I can't tell you what it is.  Because that will enable other people to Google search and find out who the guy is.

You have to keep in mind that my stuff here and on Facebook (found that out on accident) is not just read by people who have friended/liked it, people who know me personally, and the propellerheads.  There is a significant number of people in the comic book industry keeping tabs on what I'm posting.  Some because they like my writing, some because it helps them keep up with the world, and some for strategic considerations.  The big fish in the small pond are paying at least casual attention.

Now, the problem with this is that I have a reputation in the comic book world.  Yellow Hat Guy is a douche.  Peter David is a troublemaker.  Mark Waid is a firebrand.  I am a radical, someone who is not only willing to destroy entire worlds but has the knowhow and determination to make it happen.

There are certain publishers and editors for whom any affiliation with me is the Kiss Of Death.  Even if their careers continue, their reputations will take a hit.  Not so much because I can make them miserable but because the person in question is not poo-pooing what I do to the Old Boy Network running things.

Here's the thing -- he did not mention me at all in the blog post.  Didn't even hint at me, if it wasn't for the phrase, there'd be no indication that he is aware of my existence.  Maybe he liked the phrase.  Or maybe he's just doing the equivalent of nodding his head at me from across the room at a party.

No matter what, he has given no indication he wants a connection made.  And I'd rather let him make the decision as to whether or not he wants the world to know he reads me than make that decision for him and cause fallout he has to deal with.  Not only that, but people talk to me because they know I won't reveal them.  Giving hints will destroy that trust and the network I need to keep things in motion.  So I have to keep it dark.

TL;DR -- I'm sorry, citizen, but you are not cleared for that information.
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