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In a few hours, I will be doing my next Hannah Singer interview....

...don't laugh.... 1AM Chicago time, I will be featured for about a half hour on the Johnny Kush Show.

The Johnny Kush Show is also known as the Marijuana Happy Hour.

Fluttershy Stoned 3Don't look at me like that.  You know I support decriminalization, and I'm about as counterculture as you can get without actually smoking dope.

Anyway, it's a big show, focusing on comedy and legalization, one of the highest rated Internet radio shows, and they wanted to have me on.  I said sure.  I'm sure people with a counterculture bend will find Hannah Singer very very interesting.  One other thing that makes this interesting is I've been keeping track of the listener estimates of each show I've done.  With this interview, I will have talked about Hannah Singer to over half a million people.  Hopefully SOME of them will be picking up the books.

So anyway, I'll be on later, and I'll have the link to the Internet archive once it goes up.  Wish me luck.
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