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We are just weeks away from the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the XBox Don't Buy One.  M$ is looking at deep trouble because they had to redo the firmware of their system.  When they were saying you couldn't play used games and such?  They built the OS around that.  They have to reconfigure everything to get rid of it.  This will be important, I'll explain why in a minute.

PlayStation 4, meanwhile, is the darling of gamers because "Sony understands us!  No DRM!"

Here's the thing….

…those of us who hang with coders are hearing about what might be in that Day One system update for the PS4.

Yes, the day you buy a PS4, it will system update.  The question is why, since everything was supposedly set.  I want to emphasize this is rumor, not confirmed fact, but I trust these guys, so I believe this.

Turns out the PS4 was just as DRM'ed as the XB1.

M$ shot first, and when Sony saw the backlash, they saw an opportunity to win the hearts and minds of gamers.  It's been reported that they were saying the EyeToy was going to be part of the PS4 package just to bait M$ into integrating the Kinect and jacking up the price of their console by $100, then said, "Oh, EyeToy won't be integrated!" and got good press for the price.

Now, the reason I bring this up is because people are saying, "If true, that's good.  Sony sees the light.  They are being friendly to gamers."


This is a FIRMWARE update.  They are working around existing architecture in the OS, NOT REMOVING IT.  A garage programmer can block those transmissions with two hours and a cup of coffee.  The extent of the modifications is not necessary.

Unless they mean to re-enable them later.

THIS is the problem.  Both PS4 and XB1 will have workarounds because the DRM is baked into the OS.  And there is nothing to stop them from simply removing those workarounds during a system update and not tell you.  And you won't know until it is way too late.

Meanwhile, my Atari 2600 from 1979 is still playing my games.  Classic gaming isn't just nostalgia.  It's a remind of digital freedom.

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