Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

"When Things Are At Their Blackest, It's Up To Us To Shine" -- Rush

Folks, I'm detecting a very dangerous trend in the health care debate.  Take it from someone who has followed politics since the 5th grade -- this is bad.  They are getting ready to shaft us.

Over the summer, health debates were on the news every day.  Some media outlets mischaracterized the protests as violent.  One was held in New Lenox, IL.  I popped by.  It was very civil.  The local news (I believe it was Channel 7) used long shots and cherry picked clips to make it seem like the crowd was unruly and on the verge of violence.  It was a twist of fact that would have made Rita Skeeter proud.

Now?  Barely a peep about health reform.  And this is despite the current bill worming its way through Congress being the biggest threat to our rights yet (mandatory insurance?  Indemnification for those who have no business telling us what to do?).  The talking heads on Faux News are still yammering, of course, but that's their gig.

The news media, which was complicit in getting Obama elected, is coming to his rescue, with articles crowing about how the gap between supporters and opponents has narrowed to a 40-40 split, D's in Congress are now over 60% behind the plan instead of just under 60% (this is a statistically insignificant number, amounting to just a few people who are Democrats in Congress, at yet it gets a write up?), and testimonials from "regular folks" that they are no longer worried about Medicare and such being cut.

If you want more proof that they are trying to put the fix in, look at the R's.  The opposition party does whatever they can to get power.  They sold out their own candidate because they would rather have the money spiggot open under Obama than their own candidate in the White House acting fiscally responsible and enacting the will of the people instead of their own agenda.  When the R's could use public opposition to make Obama look bad, they were all over the news decrying health reform.  Now, they are very quiet.  With all the riders in the bill (such as a provision making other states pick up the tab for poor cash strapped Nevada, Illinois is one of the four states to foot their costs when we can barely afford our government NOW), it is apparent that the R's are getting something they want more than public opposition to the President, and they aren't talking anymore.

It is possible that, since the bill is not finalized, the opposition is just saving its breath.

But I doubt it.  They stand to gain more from this bill than they do public dissatisfaction.

Which means it's up to us to save ourselves.

Keep paying attention.  Keep the details of the bill where you can find them quickly (the nearly $1 tril cost, no increase in doctors to cover everyone, the beaucracy making decisions for you, the provision that lets some states off the hook and specifically sticks it to others, the indemnity, mandatory enrollment or jailtime, etc.).  Watch for new info to come out.  As the bill gets closer to the finish, start rattling your Congressmen.  Let them know that this creates an unfair burden and is a violation of civil liberties.  Hit them with a tidal wave and let them know that, if they want to keep their phony balooney jobs, they WILL listen to us.

And if they don't, vote them out, no mercy.  Get people in there who will repeal the bill and actually represent us.  Be the hero you are waiting for.
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