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Peter G

One More For The "Ick" List

As Americans become more interested in eating healthy and being less carnivorous, other problems emerge.

Last week, in Milwaukee, WI, a woman bought a bunch of grapes from Aldi's.  While checking the grapes for mold, she saw insect legs moving frantically in the grapes.

The legs weren't insect legs.  They were the legs of a black widow spider, one of the most venomous in America.  And there was a colony of them in the grapes.

But wait!  There's more!  This is actually the third incident in the past few weeks.

Black widows were found in grapes purchased from a Kroger in Brighton, MI.  The guy was eating the grapes when he saw a spider web inside the bag.  A couple of moments searching and he found the black widow.

A few days later, black widows were found in a shipment of grapes sent to a public school in Minnesota.

But wait!  There's more!  Experts not only say black widows in grapes is to be expected (they live in the same environment where the grapes are harvested), but it should be more expected -- as farmers have cut back on insecticides, the number of black widow incidences has increased steadily since the 1990's.

Cracker Jack may not be as healthy, but they hide TOYS in the food.
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