Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I Gotta Get This Off My Chest

I listen to the Sirius XM Chill station (I believe it's 63).  Lately, a song has entered heavy rotation on their line-up.  It's by "Quiet Village", and it's called "Utopia".

It is the first roughly two minutes of "Steam Forest" by Andreas Vollenweider looped upon itself, just before it transitions.  And I mean, the first two minutes.  I've heard the song often enough (Down To The Moon is one of my favorite albums) that I know what it's supposed to sound like.  This isn't a cover.  It doesn't even qualify as sampling, all they do is repeat the first half of an already recorded song.  It is a derivative work in the truest sense of the phrase.
Tags: art, wtf
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