Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

If You're Pissed Off And You Know It, Slap Your Face

As I have repeatedly demonstrated, I don't have a problem with Atheists.  I mean, come on -- my faith is pretty weak if no one else can believe differently from me (given how individualized my beliefs are, pretty much NO ONE in the world believes like I do).  People believing differently doesn't make my faith any less valid.

That doesn't stop the complainers, though.

A group of Atheists in Sacramento, CA, are embarking on a campaign.  They have rented 55 billboards around the city that they are going to plaster with pictures of local residents and slogans like "Good without God" and such.

Folks, this billboard should matter as much to you as a billboard for "Abe Vigoda -- Live At The Hollywood Bowl."  You aren't interested in the product, so ignore it, and let those interested in the product embrace it.  I mean, there are bigger problems in the world than a bunch of Atheists going, "Hey!  Look at us!  We're still here!"

And to anyone suggesting the Atheists donate their money to a worthy cause instead of propaganda billboards?  Right back at you -- Christianity is the #1 religion in the world.  You have the blue ocean, how about kicking some of those funds to help the poor?  Lead by example, you dipshits.
Tags: can i get a fuckin a?!?, did not do the research, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, news, not this shit again, religion, stupidity, throwing elbows, wrong on every level, wtf
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