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Oh, Wow. Didn't See That One Coming

Okay, exactly WHO read Archie anymore?

I gotta know.  I see the digests at the grocery stores, I see the comics are full color and still below the $3 mark, the stuff has to be selling somehow, but I can't figure out to who.

I have never gotten Archie.  The primary reason is that Archie is a dick.  The two girls in his life, Betty and Veronica, kind of illustrate the quandry of guys -- Betty is the perfect girl for him, but Veronica with her money is the one he should be chasing.  Archie has strung the two along since the beginning, oftentimes ruthlessly playing them off each other for whatever reason.  The fact that neither of them got fed up and told him to hit the bricks is wish fulfillment at its worst.  You want to see this stuff done right?  Honey And Clover is pitch perfect, going from a manga I skimmed through to the first one I grabbed out of the pile to read in a matter of months.  (Honey And Clover even has one character to sums up a situation that sounds very similar to Archie's -- you won't push her away, because, if things don't work out with this woman with money you're chasing, you still have a mint condition girl as a consolation prize).

Every once in a while, the editors of the Archie line will get it in their heads to have Archie finally decide which girl he ultimately wants, Betty or Veronica.  They tried this in the 90's, and the "ultimate choice" was a newly introduced character, Cheryl Blossom.  Cheryl fit the motif of the other girls -- Betty is the girl for guys, Veronica is the girl they want, and Cheryl was the girl of their dreams.  But it wasn't long before the relationship fizzled out and Archie was back to leading the primary duo around by the nose.  It just goes to show you can disrespect female characters without Rule 34'ing them.

A few months ago, the editorial board tried it again.  They started a multi-issue story where Archie proposes to Veronica and they get ready to get married.  Most of us who have seen this before (and, since we don't find the characters engaging, really couldn't have cared less) figured it would just be an imaginary story or there'd be a plot twist or something that would restore the status quo.  After all, Archie has been selling this set-up for decades.  Making him marry one character, future timeline or no, will have reverberations on how readers view the rest of the series.  There was no way they would kill the goose laying the golden eggs.

Called it!  Today, the cover for part 4 of the story shows Archie proposing to Betty as Veronica looks on in shock.  So those of you who thought Archie was going to have actual, you know, progression and development?  Nah.  False alarm.  So the rest of us are free to go back to ignoring the series.

It's an ancient dance.  But the band hasn't changed its tune, and my feet are really tired....
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