Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Do Not Run. We Are Your Friends

Well, here we are in Tinley Park, Illinois, home of...something.  It's a pretty unassuming place.  Nothing much happens here.  Upper middle class.  Kind of boring.

Or at least it was.

It seems that the KKK is doing a neighborhood watch in Tinley Park.

Nope.  No joke.

The KKK, to put it mildly, has an image problem.  Their most recent activity in the area was in October, when they were passing out recruitment fliers in New Lenox.  They tried jumping on the "white's rights" bandwagon a while ago, but that didn't seem to work.  So now they are doing this.  A bunch of white racists doing a neighborhood watch.  Who's their field marshall, George Zimmerman?

On Monday, at least five residents found a plastic bag in their driveways.  Inside was a flier from the Traditionalist American Knights.  "You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake."  Gee, thinking about that usually has the opposite effect on me.  Also inside was a candy cane.  Yeah, nothing EVER goes wrong with free candy.

Luna - just very stupid

You have to laugh.  Seriously.  You have to laugh.  The KKK is protecting Tinley Park.  Fucking Tinley Park.  I think the last crime to happen in Tinley Park was some guy keyed his neighbor's golf cart for cutting ahead of him in line at IKEA.  This is the hotbed of crime the KKK is determined to do something about.

If you idiots really want to impress me?  Let's see you do a neighborhood watch in Englewood.  If there's anything left of you, give me a call, we'll talk.
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