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"We treat star athletes better because they are better people."
--Mr. Garrison

This is Ron Mexico, a.k.a. Michael Vick.  Besides trying to cheat his way out of a drug test, possibly infecting women with herpes, and flipping off a stadium full of people because he sucked playing football that night, the deal breaker for a lot of people was when he was busted as the owner/operator of Bad Newz Kennelz, where he bought, trained, fought, and killed fighting dogs.  Vick Mikevickdogfight vick-dog-fightwas dropped from the Atlanta Falcons like a bad habit because, while that other stuff could be overlooked by fans, dogs are naturally sympathetic creatures and using them so brutally is a nearly universal disgust switch.

Once he served his time, he came back to the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Just like Ray Lewis, heinous acts were overlooked when the guy started winning games.  All outrage evaporated, with people saying those of us who didn't forgive the guy were being racist or he served his time or whatever.

Everybody still with me so far?  That's good!

I am looking at the very real possibility that I will be stuck at home tomorrow.  While I have plenty to do to keep me occupied, I do get bored easily, and taking a break for important stuff usually means doing something else.

And I realized a master plan.  The most epic prank I ever pulled.  It would be...my masterpiece.

I would make an actual Michael Vick Dogfighting video game.  Burn it to a cart, make a box, everything.

In fact, I would make 12 total, and enlist 14 co-conspirators.

And we would go someplace where Vick is signing autographs, and each one with a cart would ask to have it signed.  (The remaining co-conspirators will be strategically stationed with video cameras to keep anybody from getting physical.)

Would he sign them?  I don't know.  But it would make the news, local and ESPN.  And remind Vick that not everyone forgives just because he's a great and rich athlete.

I could do this.


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