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Science! has a big dick, and likes to whip it out whenever it can.  What, you still believe in that outdated stuff?  It's no better than superstition!  We have facts and knowledge on our side.

In Fall 2013, Science! was telling us through the meteorologists and news programs that it was going to be a mild winter.

The Farmer's Almanac, which bases its weather determinations on a formula involving sunspots, said we were due for a horrible winter with huge temperature drops and tons of snow.

Science! scoffed at this.  It's the Farmer's Almanac.  It's so analog.  They're right only about 70% of the time.  We have atmospheric data and computer models and all kinds of modern wizardry.  Don't listen to them.

As I write this, it is snowing again, during a month were we have had the most days below 0 for any month on record.  I look out the window and think to myself, The last time I saw this much white that made me want to puke, my Aunt Mary was showing off her new string bikini.

Science! often can't even get the weather right the NEXT FUCKING DAY (last Sunday, they were predicting temperatures below zero. At about 3PM, they suddenly changed it to 28.  The high in my area that day was 38).  And they have the nerve to put down something with a 70% accuracy.

Which just happens to be right at the moment while their own predictions were wildly off.

Science! needs to get over itself and admit it doesn't know everything.
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