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The Death Of Innocence

When I heard this, my first thought was, Where were the parents?

Then I thought, I'm not sure the parents could do anything.

Earlier this week in England came a news report of a 13 year old boy.

He was watching porn on his family's Xbox 360.

And he decided he wanted to try it.

So he raped his 8 year old sister.

Now, like I said, the immediate reaction to this is, "Where were the parents?"

In actuality, the correct reaction is, How do we kill this kid?

This is disgusting enough, but here's the part that makes it horrifying -- the kid told police that he chose his sister because she was smaller and she wouldn't remember it.

He just said it to the investigators, like we are talking about buying groceries.  And that's the problem.  Not only his logic, but the casualness with which he talked about it.

This is how psychotic people behave.  They decide to do something and simply select someone that enables them to do it with the least amount of risk involved.  No remorse, no concern, no nothing.  This isn't the result of bad upbringing.  This is a sick mind that sees no reason why what they did was wrong.

I feel sorry for the sister.  I hope she's strong, and that she pulls together and can live a normal life.  But the one place where she should be safe, with her family, and that trust, those roles, are irrevocably shattered by this monster.

I think the 13 year old should be executed.  Because he'll want to do something again, and he won't care, he'll just find a way to do it.  And it doesn't matter what others go through, they got what they wanted.

Those of you who don't believe there is such a thing as evil?  Look harder.  It's there.


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Feb. 24th, 2014 03:37 am (UTC)
I agree. While I don't believe that video games make good people into bad people, if THIS kid gets ahold of GTA-anything for that 360, what will he want to try out next?
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