Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

M$ Does Something Right! Tomorrow -- Sun Rises In The West, Pope Discovered To Be Jewish!

Here at Sine Timore Industries, we talk a LOT of smack about M$.

But, in the interest of journalistic fairness, we have to applaud them when they do something right.

And they did something pretty damn awesome.

There's a twit pic going around.  It seems M$ is banning campers from online multiplayer.

The violation ticket in the pic reads as follows:

"CAMPING -- Consider yourself formally 'on notice' for base camping, spawn camping, resource camping, or otherwise playing like a twit.  And before you say, 'It's not against the rules,' consider this:  Neither is me wiping snot on your controller."

One of the few things I liked about the rollout for the Xbox 1 was how M$ was going to start targeting griefers in their games.

I don't care if it's M$ -- thank you, and good luck.
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