Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
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A Shooter Is Also A Stiff Drink...And Boy, Do I Need One Now....

The Jim Shooter/Valiant saga just got a lot messier.

Bleeding Cool got its mitts on a copy of the lawsuit filed by Valiant against Shooter, and it's a total eye-opener.  First of all, according to the filing, Shooter was the actual Editor In Chief and an officer of Valiant from December 2008 to July 2009.  NO ONE IN THE INDUSTRY KNEW THIS.  The company was planning to completely relaunch the Valiant line-up in 2010, books, games, toys, movies, etc.  By June 30, 2009, there was a hammered out agreement between Classic Media, which owns the rights to Turok, Solar, and Magnus, and Valiant to license their stuff.  Ten days later, Classic told Valiant there was a rival bid from Dark Horse for the three titles, and that Shooter was to be the writer.  Valiant asked Shooter to write a letter saying he wasn't part of a Dark Horse project.  Five days later, Shooter got his next paycheck, then refused to write the letter.  The next day, he resigned from Valiant.  Nine days later at the San Diego Con, Dark Horse made it's plans official.  (Yes, this doesn't look good for Shooter, but it also puts Dark Horse in a particularly bad light.)

Valiant wants $3 mil, all salary and perks back, and interest.  Wow.  No wonder people think you can be rich working in comics.

I will wait for the response from Shooter's lawyers, but I have to say, it doesn't look good.  Shooter tends to run off at the mouth quite often.  The comics industry is an old boy network (I believe this is why the Image creators are so looked down on, because they bucked the system and got away with it instead of perpetuating it).  Shooter was one of the insiders until he started padding his resume with the launch of Defiant.  Supposedly, a friend of his is saying in forums that Shooter was subjected to harsh working conditions, like Valiant not letting him go see a doctor when he was sick (I KNOW that can't be true, because the employer would be looking at an All-Time Grand Champion Hall Of Famer lawsuit.  This is why, if you come to work sick, they will force you to go home or to a doctor.  It's to keep you from twisting it into, "I wanted to see a doctor, but they wouldn't let me.")

I know better than to blindly trust a coporation.  But unless Shooter has a really good story and can back it up, the filing and the timing of everything...well, let's just say Rob Liefeld may no longer be the biggest douche in comics anymore.
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