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"Just Because I Act Like An Asshole Doesn't Mean I Am An Asshole!"

I'm sure you all remember the day Paula Dean imploded.  A woman who was so media savvy she concealed the fact that she was diabetic for years until she leveraged it into an endorsement deal didn't realize that using the N-word was not an okay thing to do.  She not only said she and her restaurant staff always used the term freely, but she was surprised that apparently not everybody does and that they see something wrong with it.  Her situational defense was a bunch of bullshit.

I mention this because I was having flashbacks.  A Senate candidate not only used the term "wetbacks," but said it was okay because everyone in his area uses the term.


The asshole in question is one Chris Mapp.  Mapp is another one of those Tea Party dipshits who is challenging incumbent GOP Senator John Cornyn in the state's primary on March 4.  It's a pretty hotly contested race, with eight, count 'em, eight! candidates vying for the slot.  Anyway, on February 16, the Dallas Morning News (one of the most conservative publications in the state, and believe me, that's saying something) endorsed Cornyn for the nomination over Mapp, and among the reasons they cited was this:

"South Texas businessman Chris Mapp, 53, told this editorial board that ranchers should be allowed to shoot on sight anyone illegally crossing the border on to their land, referred to such people as 'wetbacks,' and called the president a 'socialist son of a bitch.'"  So the paper told Mapp to hit the bricks.

"That kind of rhetoric is discouraging from anybody," Cornyn said Friday of Mapp's statements. "I recognize this is a free country but that's not the sort of way to gain people's confidence that you care about them and you want to represent their concerns in the halls of Congress."

Unlike most Tea Partiers, however, Mapp seems to realize he has done something wrong, because he entered Spin Control mode.  He went to the San Antonio Express-News to clarify his statements.  And by "clarify," I mean he defended what he said as nothing to get offended about.  Using the racial epithet is as "normal as breathing air in South Texas."  (Is he aware of the make-up of the San Antonio population?  That might not have been the best place to make such an assertion.) "We can't have illegal immigrants, drug cartels, human traffickers or terrorists coming across our border.  Our borders can either be sealed by choice or force, and so far choice hasn't worked."  On his website, Mapp writes, "Let's face it, there would be a lot less concrete, roofs, and landscaping without illegal immigrants (yes, illegal immigrants - that is what they are).  The only reason they flood here is because of opportunity and because we allow it. There is no reason we can't stop the influx at the border - remove the politics and let the Border Patrol do their job."  Psst...hey, genius!  You CAN'T stop the influx at the border.  Most people who get into the US illegally do it with student visas and work permits.  You can dig a molten lava trench along the border and set up sentry guns that shoot anything that moves, and you aren't going to accomplish dick.  The only thing this will accomplish is funneling tax dollars into business interests friendly to you.  And that couldn't possibly be what you are after, is it?  Naaaaaaaah....

The Republicans are starting to realize that, if they want to stay relevant as a political party, they have to abandon their white, Protestant, and male bullshit.  But here comes a group determined to drag them back further than the 1950's, to the dangerous Libertarian Age of the Turn Of The 20th Century.  A group that actually thinks that a nation where the majority elected a black president can be swayed by racial arguments.

The R's keep saying they listen to the people.  I'm curious who they listened to that convinced them embracing the Tea Partiers was such a good idea, because it's not anybody I know.
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