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Lego Rock Band Song List Revealed

Well, the full list is available.  It's under the cut.

All American Rejects--"Swing, Swing"
The Automatic--"Monster"
Blink-182--"Aliens Exist"
Blur--"Song 2"
Bon Jovi--"You Give Love a Bad Name"
Boys like Girls--"Thunder"
Bryan Adams--"Summer of 69"
Carl Douglas--"Kung Fu Fighting"
The Coral--"Dreaming of You"
Counting Crows--"Accidentally in Love"
David Bowie--"Let's Dance"
Elton John--"Crocodile Rock"
Europe--"The Final Countdown"
Everlife--"Real Wild Child"
Foo Fighters--"Breakout"
Good Charlotte--"Girls & Boys"
The Hives--"Tick Tick Boom!"
Iggy Pop--"The Passenger"
Jackson 5--"I Want You Back"
Jimi Hendrix--"Fire"
Kaiser Chiefs--"Ruby"
Katrina & The Waves--"Walking on Sunshine"
The Kooks--"Naïve"
Korn--"Word Up!"
KT Tunstall--"Suddenly I See"
Pink--"So What"
The Police--"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"
The Primitives--"Crash"
Queen--"We Are the Champions"
Queen--"We Will Rock You"
Rascal Flatts--"Life Is a Highway"
Ray Parker Jr.--"Ghostbusters"
Razorlight--"Stumble and Fall"
Spin Doctors--"Two Princes"
Spinal Tap--"Short & Sweet"
Steve Harly--"Make Me Smile"
Sum 41--"In Too Deep"
Tom Petty--"Free Fallin'"
T-Rex--"Ride a White Swan"
Vampire Weekend--"A-Punk"
We the Kings--"Check Yes Juliet"
The Zutons--"Valerie"
Some of the more interesting ones are Bryan Adams' "Summer Of '69" (you know, back when he was actually cool AND a rocker), Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting", David Bowie's "Let's Dance", Elton John's "Crocodile Rock", Jimi Hendrix's "Fire", The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," two songs by the woefully underrepresented Queen "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" (which I almost always hear the radio play in succession anyway), Rascal Flatts' "Life Is A Highway" (wonder if the game will detect you singing the "questionable" lyrics?), Spin Doctors' "Two Princes", and Spinal Tap's "Short And Sweet" (AWESOME!).

In the "...wat?" catagory, we have Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name" (I have never liked Bon Jovi), Europe's "The Final Countdown" (I would think you'd need a keyboard controller to get the full effect of that song, since it's the part everyone remembers besides the Axl Rose-ish singing of the title), Katrina And The Waves' "Walking On Sunshine" (I swear to God, I hear that song one more time, I'm gonna throw up.  Couldn't they have picked "That's The Way" instead?), Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters", and Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'," a song that just doesn't charm me the way it does other classic rock fans.

Needs more Ramones.  Well, maybe not in the "family friendly" Lego Rock Band, but how about a Track Pack or something?
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