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(Edited to remove location as "On My Soapbox".  Not sure if my real location is somewhere in all the Google links.)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee votes on their Obamacare package.  Thanks to a report by budget analysts saying that adding all those costs will make the deficit lower in ten years (common sense says that's bullshit), the SFC is apparently ready to give it a stamp of approval instead of letting it die in committee.

Obama clearly doesn't want the bill to die.  The insurance industry, which is looking at getting screwed as badly as private citizens will, is attempting to put its spin on things.  There's an industry trade group called America's Health Insurance Plans.  They released a study today saying that private health insurance costs (to say nothing of co-pays, etc.) could climb $4,000 a year by 2019.  Obama claims to have been getting some momentum (more on this anon) and is blasting the timing of the report.  Uh, he's played the timing game in his political career plenty of times, he should know this is coming.

First, Obama hasn't gained momentum so much as the crowd has quieted down a bit.  The protesters get antsy when bill are being hammered out.  With the SFC not plugged in to the voters, there's no one to complain to.  Once it gets out of committee, THEN people will bitch.

Second, there are still no cost control measures in the health bill.  And most families won't see their tax credits to compensate for the increases in health premiums until around 2013.  The health industry does not do deficit spending like the government does.  As a result, as costs go up, someone has to pay so the insurance industry can continue to turn a profit.  That means us.  Unless the insurance companies do go under.  Then, our only option is government run health care.  And you know how little faith I have in the government to administrate anything.

It's interesting that all the other health bills have fallen by the wayside.  I don't think it's because the SFC's plan is so great so much as this plan gives the best talking points and backers realize they need all the unity they can get...if support fractures between alternatives, the opposition will squash the health care bill like a grape.  They're in survival mode here.

So, the vote is Tuesday.  My drum is silent for now.  Once it gets out of committee and on the floor for debate, I'm gonna beat it long and hard.  Look sharp, showtime is coming up quickly.
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