Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

And How Has Your Day Been?

So, one of my friends and I were talking a while ago, and one of the things he bitched about was my occasional pieces on Doctor Who, such as episode recaps and that.  He usually waits to watch Doctor Who with his wife, so it takes a little extra time, and he was miffed that I would write something up and spoil the episode for him.

Keep in mind, this guy can't resist spoilers.  He'll say he doesn't want things ruined for him and so on, and yet, if it's something juicy, he's the first to put the glass to the wall.

I mention this because I've got a beaut.  It's a huge spoiler about Doctor Who.  So if you (you know who you are) or anyone else wants to avoid it, I suggest you not read this entry.

Turn away.

This is your last chance.


Right.  Now that the pussies are gone, let's do this.

There have been rumors going around for a while, but nothing really solid.  Until today.  Sylvester McCoy played the 7th Doctor, and a guy calling himself Brett D just tweeted, "Sylvester McCoy just said he knows who's playing the new Master 'he'll be very scary'... (sic)"

Uh oh...the Master is coming back....

And because I know he's reading this -- please observe the, "Don't say I didn't warn you," tag.
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