Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Prepare For The Titan To Fall

We are coming up on the release of Titanfall.

M$ is banking major that this game will be a hit.

They better hope it doesn't become that big.

Now, I have no dog in this fight.  I don't care about the PS4 vs. XB1 fight.  In fact, for the first time in my life, I do not own a current gen system.  No WiiU, no PS4, no XB1.  No 3DS or Vita, either.  The Sony and M$ fanboys frankly make me want to stick a gun to my head.  So anyone who thinks that I'm an XB1 fanboy (me.  Linux-loving, M$ bashing me), go fuck yourselves.

What I am is a fan of tech.  I find it endlessly fascinating.  And I see the current battle between the PS4 and XB1 and I just want to shake my head.  There was no reason for the new systems.  None.  The improvements are incremental at best.  So people need a reason to buy these new systems.

M$ staked out the wrong market.  They created a media box instead of a game system.  They fucked up by including the Kinect, because it not only upped the price of the XB1 by $100 over Sony, but to keep the price from being even higher, the GPU uses DDR3 memory instead of the current gen DDR5, meaning it will never equal Sony on the graphics front.

And they are feeling the heat.  The PS4 is absolutely crushing the XB1 by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.  And M$ is pinning its hopes on its flagging system on a title called Titanfall.

So, remember the original Xbox days, when the only game that was actually a hit was Halo, and it was the only game that kept the system afloat?  Well, deja vu, Titanfall is becoming the XB1's Halo.  The beta was a huge hit, and the game is undeniably fun (I've played it).  However, that success could be the very thing that not only destroys the fan buzz for Titanfall, but could also destroy the XB1.

Titanfall has no single player campaign.  Not only is it multiplayer online only, but it uses cloud computing to render the graphics and help it overcome the limitations of the GPU.  Most games on the PS3 and 360, if letting a local host handle the game instead of running it through their own servers made for a better experience, the games automatically did that.  But because of the cloud computing graphic boost, that won't be possible.

So what could possibly go wrong?  Well, Internet is spotty.  Titanfall was recently canceled for release in South Africa because their network was not advanced enough to connect to the M$ servers and do the job.  (Before any of you ask, Titanfall is designed specifically to interface with M$' Azure cloud computing network, so no other network on Earth will work with this.)  Here in America, Internet is better, but there are still times when traffic is choked, connections are lost, and so on.

And here comes a game that requires near immediate access, within a few router hops, to M$' network just to function.  A game that has created such a buzz, it's going to put a heavy load on all networks.

This could be Sim City 4 all over again.  Remember how that game only worked online, and the servers crashed, and killed not only the game but a lot of the goodwill the company had gotten?  Titanfall is almost literally the only reason to buy an XB1.  It requires you to pay extra every month to be part of the online network just to play the game.  This will make or break M$' reputation with the new generation consoles.  And Sony claims they still have a secret weapon to defeat M$ with, just in case Titanfall is a hit.  Then again, M$ shot themselves in the foot with their initial always-on Internet, so maybe Sony doesn't need any kind of boost.

The best thing to happen is the game builds its audience slowly so that the network can adapt and configure as it goes.  This massive splash, I'm worried, is going to destroy everything.
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