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On February 27th, I updated everyone on the latest alias Josh Hoopes is using, Samitra Banks.

Well, this little anus stain is expanding his scope.

Hoopes is now targeting Kickstarter projects using the Samitra Banks alias.  Those of you who've dealt with Kickstarter know there are all kinds of shithead things people can do to screw with your crowd funding plans, and Hoopes is apparently getting bored.

Here's the dirt:  a company is trying to make a superhero role playing game, the Daring Comics Roleplaying Game by Anna Lunsford.  The staff is in the snirched image below.  As you can see, Samitra Banks is front and center on the staff.


Well, it didn't take long for people in the trenches to contact the company and let them know what they had in their midst.

How do we know they heard?

Because what you saw in the image was taken down and an update made.  Check this shit out:

Update #4: Good-Bye “Samitra Banks”

Thanks to one of our new artists for viewing the Kickstater and noticing that ‘Samitra Banks” was listed.

Samitra Banks came to us in January with a portfolio and was hired. Like in the article I am about to link, “she” claimed to need a bank-to-bank transfer for payment and didn’t use PayPal. That hit a flag with me, but I’ve dealt with that before with freelancers who simply do not like PayPal and won’t use it.

Fortunately, Ms. Lunsford had flags go up, and didn’t pay. She did go to the bank, however, and discover that the MetaBank routing number did not match anything in the Wells Fargo database.

Samitra then wants us to use NetSpend to transfer money, which, when investigated, showed to be MetaBank.

So, when the first artist took the video money and didn’t produce, Samitra said she could get it done in 5 days with money upfront. Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.

No, money wasn’t sent. We played the “NetSpend Card” didn’t come yet deal. But we did say we needed to see progress, even low-rez files. After 11 days of nothing, we’re written that “her” 5-year old spilled ink all over the boards (apparently, “she” assumes we’d believe all the samples were draw and colored by hand . . . like I don’t know digital coloring) and would have to bow out. But, if given a chance, would continue for the book art with no advance payment, now.

So, just now I am sent this article: by one of our new members.

And yep, the linked Photobucket is the exact website.

In the 8-years I have been in RPGs, all I can say is congrats. You almost got me, and no one has ever been able to get that close to doing so.

Since “Samitra Banks” also falsified the contract with us, and is using MetaBank to run the latest scam, Ms. Lunsford is also sending all relevant information to the FBI this week.

Have a nice day.

I encourage this to be shared. Warn others.


Lee F. Szczepanik, Jr.


No, this doesn’t affect production. I have plenty of artists, and can replace this one very quickly if need be.

It's me, again.  Keep up the good work, everyone.  The law may not get him, but we will.

We must look out for each other.
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