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Maybe He Can Go Weekending With The Duck Dynasty Folks

It's a musical morning here at Sine Timore Enterprises.

I've been expanding my musical horizons by learning the catalog of AOR, or Adult Oriented Rock (I listened to New Wave 80's and jazz when I was a teenager, and later got into ska, so most of rock history passed me by).  For example, I can literally count the number of times I've heard Stairway To Heaven on one hand.  It was only a couple of years ago I learned the melancholy song with the awesome sax solo was "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty.  For others, this is a part of their cultural make-up.  For me, it's a new realm to explore.

This also leads to some odd situations for me.  Eric Clapton, for example.  Clapton has been outspoken about support white separatist political candidates in England, and even suggested revisiting some of those proposals a few years ago.  Between that and the song Cocaine ("Lost my job, lost my car, lost my house...cocaine!"), I will acknowledge his place in rock history, but I will not listen to him.  The only single I ever bought of his was "It's In The Way That You Use It."  Thank God I never bought more than that.  Had he been younger, he'd probably be recording RAHOWA rock or some bullshit like that.

So one person I was never exposed to was Ted Nugent.  I had seen his records in the store and thought he looked like Jesus Christ.  Turns out, that's because he thinks he's God.  Without the music, he's a douche who hates gays, minorities, poor people, and anyone disenfranchised.

Nugent has become the Republican's attack dog.  He says the things they would say if it wouldn't cost them elections.  That is changing, though.  Nugent recently called President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel."  Rick Perry and Ted Cruz, both from Texas, said that was going to far and gently rebuked Nugent (Perry said he didn't think Nugent's comment was "racist."  Anyone who doubts the reputation of Texas schools, there's your proof).  That, in and of itself, is not newsworthy.  It's standard political bullshit, not even worth a notice.  We need something REALLY fucked up.

...oh, look what we have here.  The KKK is using his "subhuman mongrel" comment to work up good PR for them.

The KKK has been on a media blitz lately.  Longtime readers will recall, about a month ago, I covered that fliers advising citizens of Tinley Park that the Klan had set up a neighborhood watch were floating around.  Fliers to spin their image have turned up in the Chicago suburbs, and are now spreading through Chesterfield County in Virginia.  According to the flier, Frank Ancona, the current head of the KKK, is saying that is is a "falsehood" (nope, no jokes, too easy. -- G) that the Klan is enemies of "colored or mongrel races."

In an interview with the Times-Dispatch, Ancona sez, "The thing that really gets me is that [people are] saying we're teaching our children to hate people just because of their race, creed, and color, and that's a complete lie and falsehood."  Right, they also teach to hate on the basis of religion, too.

...okay, that was a cheap shot.  Why should I lower myself to their level, when their own words speak for themselves?  The fliers in the Chicago area extol, "Always remember, if it ain't white, it ain't right!"  And, as reported by the Times-Dispatch, "One of the fliers in Virginia, however, claimed that 'many people have experienced the blacks firsthand' (experienced, nothing.  Some of us have had joy, have had fun, have had hubba-hubba seasons in the sun with them.  -- G) and have seen the 'savagery and animalism in many of these people.'  The fliers went on to say that the KKK's mission is 'exalting the Caucasian race and teacher the doctrine of white supremacy (and really, what could possibly be racist about that? -- G).  That does not meant that we are enemies of the colored and mongrel race, but it does mean that we are organized to establish the solidarity and to realize the mission of the white race.'"  I always wondered -- does that mean that, if Jesus Christ, who wasn't white, ever came back, they would still worship Him?  Things to ponder....

When the KKK is using you to make themselves look better?  Time to take some Xanax there, Nuge.
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