Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

For The Hard To Shop For On Your Christmas List

Jim Shooter has a tendency to...rewrite portions of his past.  There is either a massive conspiracy against him or the guy guilds the lily a little too much (fact:  at a Marvel picnic, one Marvel person burned him in effigy.  Yes, I know who it is.  No, I'm sworn to secrecy, it's up to this person if they want to decloak or not).  So there are plenty of pieces, like his explanation of Hank Pym slapping Janet, that you can't believe are true.

And then there are pieces you hope to God aren't true.

Shootsy wrote in his column in a Marvel book that, one year for Christmas, he gave Chris Claremont a sculpture of Ann Nocenti in a Black Queen costume.  And apparently at one time, Nocenti said that Shooter gave her bondage gear for Christmas.

So those of you talking about equality in comics and how women are respected?  Well, it's a bunch of crapola.

(And on a side note, if I was Nocenti, I would have sued his balls off.)
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