Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

That's My Favorite Model! (I Like The Car, Too.)

"Oh, you stupid DC haters!  DC didn't ruin Starfire!  She's not a sex object!  They've shown it's just an act!  She's actually empowered and intelligent!  She owns her sexuality, it's not defined by anyone else!"

Pictured here is the cover for Red Hood And The Outlaws #32.  Coincidentally, this is the issue where Scott Lobdell returns to writing duties.


"DC has turned Starfire into a fuck doll."  Man, how could I possibly think that?
Tags: art, cheap shots r us, comic books, comics, destroying childhood memories, don't say i didn't warn you, don't try this at home, duh, fandom wank, haven't we suffered enough, i feel much better about myself, i told you so, i'm such a bitch, let's talk about sex bay-bee!, no sir i don't like it, not this shit again, stupidity, things that make you go hmm, this ought to be interesting, throwing elbows, wrong on every level, wtf
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