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Peter G

When The Counterculture Becomes The Culture

"Hello, and welcome to Capitol Gains, the show you watch when you want REAL analysis.  With us today is our dean of political studies, Peter G."

Blind item day, is it?

"What do you mean?"

I'm being rushed on the show with no indication of what topic I'm to discuss.  So I'm guessing I'm in for a surprise.

"Sort of.  We want to ask you about offensive behavior."

If this is about the Stephen Colbert thing, I'm still working on that.  It's more complicated than people realize.

"No, not that.  It's about how all these mainstream groups are claiming discrimination.  The Republicans are demanding apologies from news organizations and civil rights groups, saying they are being unfairly labeled and made fun of.  The KKK is demanding apologies for people saying they are racist.  Christians are saying people are being intolerant of their beliefs.  What is going on?"

It's a political ploy.

"Tell me something I don't know."

Without mucous, your stomach would digest itself.


Hey, you asked.  Who says you don't learn anything from cartoons?

"...what I mean is, it's obviously a political ploy.  But what are all these groups hoping to accomplish?"

They are attempting to bring unconscious fear into the public forefront.  What is the through line of the KKK's messages lately?

"That they are just attempting to preserve the rights of whites."

Very good.  And, in point of fact, each of these groups is saying they are just defending their core constituencies from a changing world.

"Defend them from what?"

A couple of decades ago, a DJ got in trouble for saying that he couldn't do or say certain things because he was white, and if he was a fat black woman in a wheelchair, he would have been allowed to do it.

"I don't follow."

Look at the 2012 election.  Lots of statistics about the current state of America being floated around.  Women have always been more numerous than men, but they've become experts at organizing politically.  Men are a minority.  There are more ethnic minorities than whites in the country now.  A poll found that 56 million people identify as Christian, which is approximately 17.5% of the population.

" mean they are...."

Yes.  They are seizing on the complaints that the rights of minorities are being advanced while anyone passing for The Establishment doesn't need help.  People are unconsciously thinking their rights are disposable by circumstances of their birth, only this time, it's not the people who were denied their rights through most of history.

"So they are trying to turn a joke into reality."

Bingo.  Remember, elections are about voter anger.  The R's won't rally people against special interests groups like those that benefited from the bailouts.  After all, they buy off R's as well as D's, and they don't want the gravy train to stop.  There is plenty of anger and resentment over Obamacare, but as they've learned in 2012 and the 2010 midterms, a single-issue campaign is a mug's game.  They need something else.  So instead of focusing on the financial cost of Obamacare, they turn it into a table leg.  And the table it supports is the erosion of freedom to do as you wish.

"And convincing voters that their freedom to say what they want, worship how they want, form other legs."

Yes.  The R strategy for the 2014 midterms is becoming crystal clear.  They are going to paint the Obama Administration as overreaching its authority and trampling the rights of the people.  By keeping the message general, it becomes harder to nail down specifics like what exactly is wrong and why it can't be fixed.

"The R's have no room to talk.  Weren't they the ones who started expanding government intrusion after 9/11?"

To them, that doesn't matter.  They want to win control of the Senate and then the White House.  Everyone is focused on Obama, so he's the target.

"Will voters fall for it?'

Some will.  Some always will.  In 2008, one of the things R's bitched about was that people were voting for Obama just because he was black.  Like no one was voting for McCain just because he was white.  They don't need to make EVERYONE fall for it, they just need ENOUGH people to fall for it.

"So much for the party getting more inclusive and enlightened."

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.  It's an old Polish proverb....
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