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Fame, Puts You There Where Things Are Hollow

When you are trying to establish yourself in a creative field, whether comics or writing or blogging or whatever, you are always told you have to expand your brand, make people aware that you are out there.  They point to people like the Kardashian Klones or Traci Lords or Charlie Sheen and say with worldly wisdom, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

Really?  Let's talk about this.

So Dakkari McAnuff is a 20 year old man living in Los Angeles, CA.  On Tuesday, this fool used his Twitter account to post photos of a rifle aimed at various LA streets.  He captioned the pics, "100 RT's (Re-Tweets, for those that don't speak the lingo. -- G) and I'll shoot someone walking."  Later on, he posted, "Man Down.  Mission accomplished."

Yeah, doing this in the post-9/11 is never a good idea.  About 930AM on Wednesday, the LAPD were alerted to a possible public safety threat via a social media account and were linked to the Twitter page.  McAnuff was arrested about 130PM at his home in the 700 block of Ninth Street in downtown LA.  An air rifle was found on the premises, and McAnuff is facing felony charges for making criminal threats.  His Twitter account has been suspended, and his friends say it was just a prank.

I don't know what's worse, that this dipshit threatened to put a bullet in someone if he got enough reTweets, or that enough people thought this would be a good idea that they reTweeted it.

We live in an age when everybody wants fame.  Someone like me who keeps a low profile is an oddity.  People with talent try to become famous.  People without talent will try self-destructive shit (every time I see a fail video, I wonder why the people didn't just delete the video file instead of posting it on the Net.  Then the answer hits me -- because at least they'll be known and not just slipping through the world without leaving a mark).  And now, the next stage.  Only instead of some asshole killing a musician to impress Jodie Foster, we're going to have assholes killing anybody unlucky enough to be around just to impress a bunch of random people who will forget about you when the next planking craze hits.  It's coming.  We have a generation being raised that being a special snowflake for any possible reason is the ultimate goal, and it doesn't matter as long as that status is achieved.  And random murder is shocking and makes you a truly special snowflake, as most people don't have the nerve to do that.

The destruction of humanity will not come because of politics.  It won't come because of religion.  It will come from people who think fame is their birthright and anyone who thinks otherwise is a hater who doesn't get it.  And we are all potential victims.
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