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APB -- The End Of My Support For Tenth Planet Comics

The embargo is lifted.  Here's what happened at DanCon 2014....

There had been talk for a while that this was going to be the final DanCon.  This year was supposed to follow the two show schedule that 2013 did, but the fall 2014 show was suddenly cancelled.  Talking with others, I got the overwhelming impression that the spring show was the end of the line.

When I got there and started setting up, I found Dan Royer, the owner/operator.  Getting a private moment with him, I asked, Is this the last DanCon?

"Yes," he said.  He told me his reasons, and I understood.  But he also knew I was writing up the show for Bleeding Cool.  "Don't tell anyone yet.  I want to make the announcement when I'm ready, when the time is right."  I gave him my word I would not reveal anything until he made it official.

As DanCon went on that day, a guy came into the hall I was in.  He said he was with Tenth Planet Comics, and was telling everyone that Tenth Planet was taking over DanCon and would keep it going.

While I thought this was great, my spidey-sense started tingling.  Royer had asked me not to reveal that this was the end to anyone.  Only a few people explicitly knew the truth at that time, and Royer was planning to sending out emails to everyone later.  And here was some guy basically making the news public all of a sudden.  Something didn't seem right.

A short time later, Royer and his wife were circulating through the hall.  She came up to me and asked, "Did some guy claiming to be from Tenth Planet Comics say they were taking over DanCon?"


"It's not true.  We still own DanCon.  They may be starting their own con, but it won't be DanCon."

So, assuming this guy was actually a representative from Tenth Planet Comics, what we have here is someone trying to hijack DanCon.  There have been other attempts to ride the show's coattails, but this is the most blatant.

And I'm making a public declaration -- any con put on by Tenth Planet Comics, I will not go to, not as an exhibitor, not as an attendee.  If you can overlook this and go, that's your business.  But I cannot, in good conscience, do this.  Start your own con with your own identity, it's really not that hard.
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