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Sunshine Sunshine Final

In 2009, I teamed up with the folks at Hard Way Studios, and saw The Supremacy #1 become available in comic shops around the country.

In 2014, I have done it on my own.

CCP Comics, based out of Austin, Texas, is an indy publisher that is gaining a formidable stable of talent.  And they have agreed to publish my four issue miniseries Tentoumushi.  Digital will likely be an option (still working on that), but it will be available as floppies and it will be in actual comic shops around the country.  And once the regular release is done, a TPB is in the offing.

The exact release date has not been determined yet.  Thank God I have issue 1 completely in the can.  2 and 3 are penciled, inked, and scanned in, they just need to be cleaned up and lettered.  4 needs to be done, but with this kind of lead time, I better not blow my deadline.

For those that came in late -- Tentoumushi is the story of Cheryl, who becomes friends with a forest spirit that maintains the plants.  One day, her friend is missing, and a sinister figure called Rook is after the power Cheryl has developed for his own ends.  Cheryl embarks on a quest to save her friend, with Rook nipping at her heels.  Some comedy here, but mostly it's the story of a brave little girl facing unfathomable danger.

I'll post more as the release dates get established and get closer.  Until then, it's time for a self-congratulatory hoagie.  It has never tasted so good.  Mr. DJ?  Take this copy of "Play That Funky Music" and spin that shit!

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