Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Awwww, Why'd You Do It, Alice?!?

Longtime readers are aware that I have beef with Nick Barrucci, the guy in charge of Dynamite Entertainment.  Despite several titles that pique my interest, the only series I will buy that they publish is The Dresden Files.  I refuse to touch anything else.

Please note this doesn't mean no one else should buy their comics.  This is my little personal protest, it's up to each of us to decide what we will and won't do.  Not everyone thinks Barrucci is a douchebag, and that's their decision.

I mention this because Dynamite is releasing a comic based on Alice Cooper.


Cooper has flirted with comics before.  He first appeared in an issue of Marvel Premiere, and the immortal Neil Gaiman wrote The Last Temptation Of Alice.  Now, here comes a regulation series.  The setup is a sort of flip side to Sandman.  Cooper is a rocker by day and the Lord Of Nightmares at night, saving innocents from terror as they sleep and delivering horrors to the evil.  But someone stole his power, pushed him from our realm, and locked him away.  Now, he's coming to take it back.

I'm not going to fault Cooper.  He's clearly having a gas with this.  "We're doing cool things with Dynamite.  I always say that the best thing about being in a comic book is that they draw you with great abs!  (He wouldn't say that if Liefeld was handling the art.  -- G)  Artistically, for me there is hardly a better medium.  There is so much you can do in the form of a comic that we'd never been able to do on stage.  It's just a different way of storytelling, and it really has almost limitless possibilities.  We're looking forward to stretching the existing boundaries of the comic medium again.  We have new stories to tell, but we'll do it with the same theatrical, sinister sensibility that comes with the name 'Alice Cooper.'  This is just the beginning!  Welcome to my new Nightmares!"

Cooper is shrewd, so I'm sure he's got the terms of the contract locked up tight.  But it's still helping Barrucci gain market share, and I just can't bring myself to buy it.

(But wait, there's more.  Dynamite is also releasing a deluxe edition of Last Temptation this October.  It will feature all issues complete scripts, Gaiman's original outline, and correspondence with Cooper.  Shit.  Another one for the "ick" list.)

Almost any other publisher, I'd be on this like cheese on pizza.  But I can't.  I wish you luck, Mister Cooper.  And lots and lots of protection.

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