Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Maybe It's Time For A Reality Check...Naaaaaaaaaaah.....

I try to have faith in my fellow man.

But some people are just so goddamn stupid.

As movie fans are aware, they are currently hip deep in shoot the fourth Jurassic Park movie.  Steven Spielberg is back as director, helping make the movie the best it can be.

Now, film sets have a lot of goofing around.  And Spielberg decided to pose as if he'd just hunted and killed one of the prop dinosaurs from the movie, which was posted by Jay Branscomb on his Facebook page.  Pic below.


Ha ha, very funny, whatever.

Well, the picture went viral on the Internet, with netizens calling Spielberg a "dirty dinosaur hunter."

Yes, seriously.

Shared over 30,000 times, people are posting things calling Spielberg "a despicable man" and calling the photo "disgraceful."  One rocket scientist even wrote, "Disgusting!  I bet he only kept the horns!"

Somehow overlooked by all the commenters is that DINOSAURS ARE EXTINCT!  You can't kill something that isn't real!

This is bad enough.

Then I realize, these people vote and have a say in my rights.

And I just want to cry.
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