Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Topical Depression

This is an open letter to all you assholes who say Robin Williams or anyone suffering depression who commits suicide is taking "the coward's way out."

Anyone who says this has never stared into the abyss and found it staring back at them.  Anyone who has felt that soul crushing phenomena, where every thought going through your head somehow tears you apart, who knows there is no refuge and the only options are to ride it out or succumb, who sees it doesn't end until it decides to instead of when you decide to, would never say that.

People like to backpedal, saying, "Well, we don't know the suffering they were going through, and our prayers go out to the person and their family," that's code for, "I'm just saying this to keep people from judging me.  What's wrong with YOU?"  My mother did that when she called me to tell me Robin Williams killed himself and she made a depression joke.  I cut her off, saying it wasn't funny, and her response was very similar to that.

People like to think we are masters of our emotions because they are so mercurial.  Since our moods change so easily, why does something like depression linger for so long?  Like people choose to be depressed, and it can be switched on and off like a light.  They think people do it for sympathy and attention.

Until you people have faced it yourselves, have contemplated dying just to end the pain and torment you have no control over, unless you are a trained psychologist, you have no right to call someone who collapses under all that weight a "coward."  The fact that you backpedal instead of standing up for your beliefs proves you are more cowardly than any depressive.  Shut up, and be thankful you have never known that torture.
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