Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

This Is The Way Your World Ends

Night before last, there was more rioting in Ferguson, Missouri.

The governor's response was to declare a state of emergency and enact a curfew.  The curfew is possibly illegal.  Nice.

He also took away police powers for the locals and gave the State Police authority and jurisdiction.  The State Troopers promised not to use armored vehicles, tear gas, and other riot control gear.

Last night, at midnight, a bunch of cops were hanging out at a Mobil gas station, breaking the law and not giving a fuck.

About 1230, State Police brought in armored vehicles, tear gas, and other riot control gear and used it on protesters peacefully gathered on the sidewalk.

News footage shows a sniper aiming at the crowd.  I'm seeing conflicting reports that a person was hit and taken to the hospital.  That happened the night before, so I'm not sure if it happened again or if someone is just confusing their reports.

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