Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

We Sure Could Use Some Hope And Change Right About Now

So, last night....

Despite the 12AM curfew, police advanced on protesters at a little after 1000PM.

Full infantry gear, driving armor, and so on.

They started lobbing tear gas, noise bombs, and smoke at the crowd from a good two or three blocks away.  Targets were both the protesters and the press.  Collateral damage included a few aldermen and a state senator.

Snipers were deployed from the tops of the armored trucks despite telling the press they wouldn't do that.

911 is refusing to dispatch anyone to Ferguson.  Supposedly, someone called the responder said, "Sorry, we're not going there," laughed, and hung up.  Your tax dollars at work.

The cop who killed the kid, the chief of police, and the governor all still have their jobs and paychecks.

Earlier in the day, the State Trooper in charge was at the rally for the people, saying how well things are going.

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