Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

When A Change Of Heart Comes Way Too Late

Take cover, I'm gonna blow.

The newly discovered video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice beating his wife Janay Palmer unconscious in a hotel elevator proves two things.  First, that she was an innocent victim.  Second, it proves that men hate women.

That's right, I said it.

But Peter, I hear some of you saying, it only proves Rice hates women!  We don't!  Don't paint us with the brush!

Sorry, dipshits, but your reactions to Palmer not only when the allegations first popped up in late July but now that the video is out prove it.  For all your talk of equality and understanding and appreciating women, you hate them.  Hate them unless they are nothing but your pets.

For those that came in late -- back in February, Rice was at a casino hotel with Palmer, his then fiancee.  Security camera footage showed him dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator.  The NFL suspended Rice for two games.  Prosecutors declined to investigate Rice for anything other than aggrevated battery -- he was a first time offender and was sent to a diversion program.  No muss, no fuss.

Meanwhile, Palmer was turned into a pariah.  Professional dipshit Stephen A. Smith summed up every Rice defenders' thoughts on ESPN's First Take -- we don't know what happened in the elevator, elements of provocation, basically that Palmer did something to warrant getting knocked the fuck out.

People like me wondered where the security tape was.  After all, there are cameras all over the casino and hotel, how is it that there is nothing from the elevator ride?  Today, the worst thing that could possibly happen did.  TMZ got a hold of the security tape showing what happened in the elevator, and they have shared it with the world.

It is NOT for sensitive viewers.

The clip is barely half a minute long.  Rice and Palmer get on the elevator, and before the doors even close, Rice clocks her hard.  He moves back to the other side of the elevator.  Palmer, in shock, moves in, and RIce drops her.

I saw the footage.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  In a matter of seconds, a guy that was just walking calmly behind his girlfriend suddenly bashes her in the head twice like he's insane.  And then he just casually drags her out like a caveman who found his mate.  Shock, disgust, anger, rage, fury, my heart beating in my ears at the "no fucks given" I've just seen.

Leave it to the Internet to find this.  Today, the Ravens went, "Oh...THAT footage," and cut him from the team.

And this is the proof that men hate women.  Palmer was made by the Ravens to sit in front of the media and apologize for her role in the altercation.  The assault was deemed a "distraction" by the Ravens, more interested in protecting and comforting one of their players than seeing justice done.

There is no way the NFL did not know that footage existed.  TMZ found it, the NFL sure as shit should have.  Hell, MLB had a tougher time getting Biogenesis evidence, and they did it!  They didn't find it.  They didn't want to.  Congratulations, Roger Goodell, on what will be your biggest failure.  You've been trying hard to market the NFL as entertainment for women as well as men.  Let me know how it works out for you.

Now, Rice's attorneys are urging us to remember "due process".  In other words, he has to be proven to have done something horrible.  Uh, it HAS been proven.  You don't get to tell "your side of the story."  There is no other side of the story.  There are NO circumstances where this could EVER be considered excusable.  NONE.

What's going on here is simple.


People love superheroes.  It's why comic books have survived so long.  Larger than life tales of people leading incredible lives and facing incredible challenges.  Great stuff.  I read 'em myself.

Real life?  No room for superheroes.  Everyone has flaws.  Everyone has secrets.  Crime Story was a TV show based on a real life Chicago cop taking on the mob.  Turns out, that cop had his own crime ring.  Being ethical is counterintuitive to being larger than life.

But we still have superheroes.  Movie stars.  Billionaires.  Supermodels.  Sports stars.  They get these amazing adventures and are worshipped.  We see in them what we want to be.  As a result, when something happens that is detrimental to their legend, people rewrite the story to make it the hero being set upon by forces of darkness out to destroy him and his legend.

And this is the ultimate proof that men hate women.  Men inspire, women seduce.  Look at movies and comics and even fan art and you'll see this played out in graphic detail.  And typically, when someone is cast as a bad guy, it's a woman seducing a man and taking advantage of his sexual desires and weaknesses.  This goes back to the Bible with Samson and Deliahla.  Greek mythology is chock full of it, from Hera's jealousy to perfect woman Pandora accidentally visiting negative traits on the then all male society.  And the reaction continues to this day.  Women are constantly depicted in these news stories as gold diggers or social climbers or seductresses or stalkers or...pretty much some evil succubus trying to sink her claws into that innocent, upstanding man and corrupt and ruin him, robbing him of all that made him great just because of her own ambitions.  The message is unmistakable -- women use men, and men must be on guard.  (Oh, hi, Dave Sim!  How are you doing over there?)

Palmer's victimization isn't over.  Not by a long shot.  In fact, being victimized was the only way to prove she was being victimized.  Imagine waking up one morning and seeing the most humiliating moment of your life on TV.  And on the Internet.  Literally all over the country, viewable by 330 million people.  Many of whom were calling for your head a few months ago.  Palmer was forced to stand up for her husband and take the blame for the beating last July.  Palmer listened to Rice's legal team suggest she did something to provoke the attack, to deserve it.  Palmer watched as Rice got a standing ovation as he took the field on Opening Day yesterday.  Palmer heard the sideline reporter ask Rice what "encouraging words" she had for him before the game.  She heard armchair sociologists say she was just looking for attention -- after all, if Rice was an abuser, why did she stay in the relationship?

Can you imagine what she would be going through had this happened in the privacy of their home instead of someplace with security cameras that could prove she did nothing to deserve this?  People would still be painting Rice as a hero and her as the evil villain.

Yes, I know, women can be abusers, too.  But that's 1 in 4 instances.  And it doesn't excuse the full court press of media, business partners, and assorted admirers destroying the Truth.

Men not only hate women, they admire men who put women in their place.  Opening day for the Carolina Panthers featured lots of applause for Greg Hardy, who was convicted during the offseason for assaulting his girlfriend.  He slammed a toilet lid on Nicole Holder's arm, threw her into a bathtub, dragged her by her hair, threw her onto a futon covered with rifles, then started choking her, looking her in the eyes as he said he was going to kill her.  Hardy's attorney told the Charlotte Observer that Holder was "an erractic young woman desperate to be back at Hardy's side and the limelight that commands.  He said she was high on hours of drinking and buzzing on cocaine when she flew into a jealous rage after Hardy told her to leave the apartment."  Surprisingly, for once, the story didn't sell, and Hardy got convicted.  But that clearly didn't matter to the fans.

Like I said, men like it when men show those uppity women who's boss.  Ray McDonald of the 49ers got cheers yesterday -- he was arrested for allegedly abusing his pregnant girlfriend.  Floyd Mayweather has not only been convicted of domestic violence, but also been accused again.  He was cheered.  Hardy.  Rice.  And so on.  And so on.

I have said many times that the reason women behave the way they do is because they basically live in a war zone, one only they can see and are told they are crazy for trying to convince people it exists.  Guys turn to the bro code, say "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em," and present themselves as victims of the very women they themselves use.  Love is complicated.  Dominance is easy.

We allow this to happen.  Anyone who protects someone who does this, who participates in the conspiracy to protect his rep that he does not deserve, is just a guilty, and will be seated alongside him while he burns in Hell.

The video everyone was hoping wouldn't appear has.  Like the devil in the middle of the town.

And everyone sees who really worships him.
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