Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Letters From Our Readers: What's The Big Fuckin' Deal, Bitch?!?

Ah, Southern Comfort.  You're the only one that understands me.

First, the email.  Then I'll piss all over it.  (And those of you thinking I'm editing this to make the writer look bad, no.  This is verbatim.)  You may want to keep a bucket nearby as you read this.

"I kind of see both sides. I aint sayin he shouldve hit her. What he did was wrong.But you didnt see the whoel video.  She hit him in the hallway,Thats why he follwed her to the elvator.  You need a certain mind set to play football.  You got to be a warrior.  Like a guy from Iraq, she triggered him.  Man shouldnt lose his livlihood over a first offense.  He got norecord of it beforee this.  And that werent no beating.  Chris Brwon, that was a beating.  Rice shoudntve hit her, but hes getting fucked."

Oh BoyUsually, I just delete shit like this, but I'm actually going to respond to this incredibly retarded message.  Where should I start?

"No record."  Beaters have multiple incidents, they just don't get reported most of the time for a variety of reasons.  There is no way this is the only time he hit a woman, especially for someone with his own support network and co-conspirators.  Although I suspect you already know that.

We do take away people's livelihoods over first offenses all the time.  It's called "jail."  And depending on the severity, people can lose their livelihoods long after jail.  I knew a guy who got drunk and accidentally killed someone.  Had a good job, bright future.  Once he got out, he was stuck in minimum wage jobs for five years until he killed himself.  No one has the right to a livelihood.  If they did, there wouldn't be unemployment in this country.

"And that werent no beating.  Brhis Brwon, that was a beating."  Are you really that fucking stupid?

So she hit him in the hallway.  This argument is the biggest bunch of bullshit you've written.  She didn't trigger any conditioned behavior from the football field, his actions prove it.  He didn't hit her with a crossbody block (football), he punched her in the temple with his left hand, his strong hand (domestic abuser).  If he is really that wired up that incidences off the field can trigger a violent response, maybe he shouldn't be dating anyone, and due to risk to other people, he should be strapped to a hospital gurney like Hannibal Lecter.  No matter what, the idea of some club chick being a threat to a guy who is 5'8", 206 pounds of muscle (and probably some PED's) is laughable.  He should have just walked away.

Real men don't hit women.  Ever.  Full stop.

The NFL used reporters and fans to try and shield Rice from criticism, taking advantage of prejudice and blind loyalty.  Adam Schefter at ESPN is a loyal lapdog for the NFL, and even he was practically holding up a sign saying, "The NFL lied to us!"  They were more interested in protecting their brand of carefully regulated violence, where hitting women is wrong but hitting other guys is awesome.  Now, DA gets a six game suspension.  Assuming they see the proof, wink wink.

None of this happened because of an attack of conscience.  It happened because a muckracking celebrity site and public outraged forced them to do the right thing.  Without it, they never would have done the right thing.

And that, my friends, is the very definition of "evil."
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