Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Here Come The Jokes!


Shit, why did Joan Rivers have to die?!?  She would have had a field day with this!  From around the Intertubes --

Gilbert Godfried started us off.  "Obviously Ray Rice misunderstood me when I said, 'She's hot, you should definitely hit that!'"

I cut the sleeves off my Ray Rice jersey.  Now it's a wifebeater.

There's a new drink called a Ray Rice.  It really packs a punch.

New headphones -- Beats by Ray.

How ironic that that elevator footage showed Rice's last carry of his career.

Ravens terminate Ray Rice, draft Chris Brown.

#BaltimoreRavens cut #RayRice in wake of assault on fiance.  Will only consider players acquitted of murder citing core values.

What goes down in an elevator?  Ray Rice's bank account.

The Ferguson, Missouri police department just announced that Ray Rice has a job waiting for him since he enjoys hurting black people.

#MichaelVick gave #RayRice some advice today.  "You need a puppy."  #Wow  #Badadvice  #Dontlisten  #Snugglesforpeace

So the NFL saw the Ray Rice "Punch" video in April.  What were they waiting for, a rematch?!?

Ray Rice vs. Ronda Rousey #CelebrityDeathmatch

MINUTE RICE -- the time Ray Rice would last in a NOW meeting.

What does Ray Rice and Mexican rice have in common?  They both hit you in the elevator.

You know the world is crazy when TMZ are the good guys.


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