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Deadpool Operation OH SHIT

Sine Timore's latest scheme, Operation: Oh, Shit!, is finally ready to commence.

Today, the Sine Timore Kamikaze Research And Development Department ("We laugh at death") begins trying out designs for what will possibly be the crown jewel in my video game collection.

The other day, I was reflecting on the Knight Rider Challenge, and a thought hit me. With the Deadpool movie only a year and a half away, everyone involved is going to start a publicity barnstorming tour. I wouldn't be surprised if Liefeld turns up at C2E2 (he might avoid WWC after my report). WWC will have at least one or two cast members, since the next show is about six months from the movie's release. The first show in the Chicago area is next April, which gives me about half a year.

he objective: code and manufacture an Atari 2600 game about Deadpool. Burn it to a cart, make a box and manual, and get as many sigs on the cart and such as possible.

Phase 1: game design. It'll be simple, this isn't for general consumption, so it's not going to be Solaris or anything like that.

Phase 2: Coding. Coding like a motherfucker.

Phase 3: Manufacture. The least intensive part of this.

Phase 4: Start signing.

Time frame: Phase 1 to 3 must be completed by March 31, 2015. Phase 4 commences and remains open as long as there is room for signatures.

Necessary materials have been gathered, code libraries have been acquired.

Operation: Oh, Shit! begins now.
Tags: deadpool, operation: oh shit!
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