Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

How Soon Until They Replace The Windows 7 Whopper With This?

Windows 7 launched on October 22.  This was the same day as the Japan Linux Symposium.  M$, in their typical arrogance, set up a booth selling Windows 7 right across the street from the symposium.

For those of you who may not know (i.e. the guy behind the counter), the very enthusiastic guy in front of the booth is not American.  He's Finnish.  That is the immortal Mr. Linus Torvalds, whose generosity and genius gave rise to Linux, who was doing a speech at the symposium when the staff told him, "We gotta get a picture of you over there."  We FOSSers have long known about Mr. Torvalds' sense of humor (when he released a kernel update on "Talk Like  A Pirate Day," he rewrote the README in pirate speak), so this is just great.  Give the pic a couple of clicks to see it bright and clear.

I have it as my wallpaper on Kylie right now.

And, no.  Torvalds did not buy a copy.
Tags: computers, digital rights, foss, just desserts, linux, open source, stupidity, wtf
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