Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Found Out What's Going On With The Hard Way Studios Site

Apparently, Yahoo, the hoster, is giving some headaches.  So Hard Way Studios is looking to move the site and get it hosted somewhere else.  There will also be a complete redesign of the site, as well.

What does this mean for Stress Puppy?  Well, I haven't been canceled, thank Torvalds.  This could lead to a weird situation with the strips.  I could simply stop production until the site is back up (some of the readers have jumped to reading it here in the interim).  But when the site comes back up, then what?  I'm enjoying "The Porpoise Driven Life" too much to simply bury it as a "lost" story (I already have one of those, "Scout's Honor").  So I'm thinking I'll just keep going until I finish the storyline here.  Then I'll wait until the site comes back up, then start it from the beginning there.

Well, I did say I wanted to get ahead of deadline again.  How ironic that it was two years exactly since the strip debuted with me saying, "Here's to the future."
Tags: art, comics, stress puppy
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