Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

It's How You Play The Game

The following is a series of Tweets from one Joe Fortenbaugh. Let's see what he wanted to share with the world:

"In 30 minutes, two mid-30s men will meet in a field in my hometown for a fight over something that happened in our fantasy football league."

"Out-of-shape, heavy breathing slob fight. RT @FazzerSports Bare knuckle boxing or grappling match?"

"No. Realized I was stuck with this group about 10 years ago. MT @drwolf007 has this at all made you reconsider your group of friends?"

"2 guys are filming. Will post when I get it. MT @davidfucillo You gotta get some vine or instagram video of this."

"Getting live updates now from scene of the fight. Both parties have agreed to "no leg breaking" (is that necessary?), on to other rules."

"Final note on that FF fight: It was a "Loser leaves the league" fight. Ironically, the guy who created the league was the guy who got beat."

I think we all lost here....
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