Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Wooden You Like To Know

Today at lunch, I'm reading the paper, and a few coworkers approach me.  Usually, they leave me alone, so this was unusual.

"You like games, right, Peter?"


"Well, can you solve this?  We've been working on it for a couple of days and we can't figure it out."

They then put the puzzle in front of me.  New to me, I've never seen this one before.  Block of wood.  Along the top are seven holes in a line.  In the left three holes are three blue golf tees.  In the right three holes are three red golf tees.  The middle hole is open.

The rules, as they explain them to me, is to get the pegs to switch sides -- the blue ones move to the right, the red ones to the left.  The pegs can't move backwards, and you can only jump a single peg, not two or more.  "Any ideas?"

The goal is to make the pegs switch sides?


I look at the puzzle for a few seconds, then I spin it 180 degrees.  I declare, Done, and go back to reading my paper.

It takes a few moments for me to notice they are still there.  They are just looking at the puzzle and then each other.  Some of them think what I did was cheating, others say there was nothing in the rules saying I couldn't do that.  They took the puzzle and walked away looking more confused that when I do my Christopher Walken impersonation for them.

Me?  I say I won.

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