Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Equals 3...Kicks In The Ass

Everybody lock up your videos!  Ray William Johnson is stealing them again!

...well, not directly.  But it is on his YouTube channel and he heartily endorses it.

While I don't like what the production company Johnson signed with did to him, that doesn't buy him a pass in my eyes.  =3 (Equals 3), as his show is called, should have been put down and not allowed to go on half as long as it did, let alone as long as it actually did.

Initially, I didn't have any problems with it.  I was introduced to the show, it looked fine, and while I wasn't nuts about it, I wasn't upset by it.  But talking to other YouTubers showed me what I was missing.  Johnson was basically hijacking other YouTube videos.  For those that never saw it, =3 had Johnson standing in front of a camera introducing other interesting videos found on YouTube with a lot of hits, and then using smash cuts to make his comments more interesting.  No big deal, right?  Well, the problem is, by watching HIS video, you aren't watching THEIR videos.  So any chances of all this attention and conversation going to expand their own channels and awareness went to Johnson instead, who wound up with enough followers that =3 continues without his direct presence, still providing money for the production company he partnered with and for himself without him doing...well, pretty much anything.

Apparently, the show proper revived around July or August.  Haven't seen the new host, I don't care, the only reason I know this is because one of my buddies has at least a passing interest in one of the videos that got featured and he's a bit pissed.

So I wasn't interested in him before, and I'm definitely not interested now.  Johnson should have stuck to his comedy videos which I did enjoy and not stolen the other kids' toys.
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