Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Withering On The Vine

I just love to start my day with a bit of good news.

The National Organization for Marriage, the group of intolerant fascists, is just about dead.

As I reported a while ago, Fred Krager has been leading a charge to get NOM to reveal who exactly is contributing money to them. NOM has fought in court to keep its donor list secret, and it's been losing major. As a result, people who though they could contribute anonymously to a proxy of their hate risk being revealed, and they are bailing (there are some commentators who feel it is because marriage equality has too much momentum and won't be stopped. No, the opposition to it is still there and still as hateful as ever. I've seen it. The enemy isn't surrendering, it's digging trenches). This is leaving NOM on the verge of collapse.

NOM was required to release its 2013 tax filings on Monday. They came out on Wednesday. A sneaky peeky reveals that the end is nigh. It reported receiving $10.2 mil for its 2012 filing. For 2013, $5.1 mil. They took in only half what they did the year before. Now, there is a mitigating factor: 2012 was an election year with a number of marriage equality measures on ballots, so the drop off could be simply the results of an off year. However, the organization still needs to run, still needs to let people know it's out there, and still needs to pay its staffers, printers, ad channels, and so on. As a result, NOM ended 2013 $2.5 mil in debt.

It gets even worse when the numbers are really crunched. The $5.1 mil that came in?? More than half of it came from two donors. Two. $1.7 mil came from the "Education Fund," the propaganda wing of NOM. It raised $1.7 mil. That's a 70% drop off from the year before. So their operating expenses apparently fall in the $7.6 mil range, they are currently in debt by the amount two donors gave, and this year looks more of the same.

To quote Lou Reed, "Stick a fork in their ass and turn them over, they're done."
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