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Join me in saluting the prankster spirit and how it can turn passive aggressive dipshits into perfect marks.

Welcome to Bavaria, the land that gave us the cuckoo clock. And they have a tendency to get cuckoos back. For years, the town of Wunsiedel has found itself the destination for pilgrimages of neo-Nazis. Why? Because Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, was buried there, and for decades, neo-Nazis all over Europe did a Jim Morrison's grave thing. The town decided it had enough and, in 2011, exhumed Hess' body and destroyed the gravesite. Didn't matter. Neo-Nazis still came to town to visit the grave, ignoring the protests of the townsfolk and the legal complaints.

So, there's this group called Rechts gegen Rechts, which translates into English as Right Against Right. They hated these dickheads marching through town and wanted to do something about it at the next march, which would feature 250 people on November 15th. “We want to show what else you can do, what other courses of action you have. You can do more than just block the street or close the shutters,” said Fabian Wichmann, who is one of Rechts gegen Rechts’ organizers and an education researcher at EXIT Deutschland, an organization that helps people escape extremist groups. Sounds great. But what can be done?

Well, Rechts gegen Rechts managed to convince the local residents and businesses to create a sort of walkathon. Since the only people walking would be the neo-Nazis, they would be the ones the locals "sponsored." For every meter the sponsored bonehead walked, €10 would be donated to EXIT Deutschland.

And thus was created Germany's "most involuntary walkathon." As the boneheads walked and tried to remain dignified, the people of the town made the path look like a sporting even. There were banners saying things like, "If only the Führer knew!" A banner that read "Mein Mampf" (my munch) was next to a table of bananas. At the end of the route was a sign, thanking the marchers for their donations.

Final tally? €10,000 ($12380.50) raised by Nazi boneheads for an anti-extremist organization.

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