Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Rand Paul Just Proved He's A Hypocrite

Randroid Paul just introduced a bill in the Senate to reverse net neutrality.

Mr.  Free Markets and LIberty For All is attempting to turn a public forum and service into a protected market and place it under the control of a handful of corporate interests.

Next one of my readers tells me to vote for Randroid because he is a principled man, I will tie a knot in their neck.  Ron Paul, his dad, may have been nuts, but at least he stuck to his ideas to their logical conclusions.

For those who want to know more, and one person in particluar who has stumped for him to me, here's the detes -- the net neutrality rules endorsed by President Obama and approved by the FCC last February take effect this June.  Randroid's proposal, if approved, would fast track a vote that Congress disapproves of the rules and moves to nullify them.

Somehow, Randroid feels that a free Internet is the same thing as regulating it (others sharing this perspective are Ted Cruz, who gets major kickbacks from Comcast, and Marco Rubio).  While a lot of R's in technology positions have been trying to reach across the aisle to rewrite the FCC rules with other D's, Randroid is the first open volley.

Now, the bright side is, this won't pass -- even if it makes it out of Congress, Obama will veto it.  But the fact is, Randroid is doing something in direct violation of his Adam Smithish worldview.

Fuck.  Him.
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