Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Sunday morning.  I sit down with my morning tea and start skimming the political news.  And I come across a doozy.  It concerns one of my favorite punching bags, Ted Cruz.

So, what's Cruz done this time?  Well, it has to do with the recent confimation hearings of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.  Cruz didn't bother to attend the vote -- in  fact, he was the only Senator to miss the vote.  Instead of doing, you know, HIS JOB, he went to a meeting to hobnob with major donors at a fundraiser.  The day of the confirmation vote, Cruz was on the Senate floor bleating that Republicans like John Cornyn and and Mitch McConnell were cutting off debate.  Then came the vote.  20 R's voted for her in the procedural vote.  Two hours later was the actual confirmation vote, and by then, Cruz was in Dallas (for the record, 10 R's voted to confirm.  The final tally was 56-43).

This got tongues wagging, and started Cruz's spokespeople spinning like a Catherine wheel on a speedball.  The excuse they ginned up is that Cruz has said all along that he opposes Lynch as AG, and his absent vote is the same as a "no" vote.

I love that.  Anyone vaguely familiar with the rules of the Senate and with even a tangental relationship with basic math can see how full of shit that is.  But those looking to hammer Cruz as a possible President will have to deal with his supporters redefining the context of his actions.

My advice?  Let them redefine it.  Let them have their point that Cruz's not present constitutes a political statement.

Because we can have more fun with it.

Last month, Alfred Bennett and George Hanks were to be confirmed for federal judgeships in Southen Texas.  Cruz had teamed with the aforementioned Sen. John Cornyn to recommend them.  Hell, last September, Cruz called them "judges of the highest caliber."

And yet, Cruz missed the vote.  I take it he changed his mind about their qualifications, then?

Okay, that's a cutesy move.  Here's one with some teeth -- Cruz was the ONLY senator to miss votes for a deficit-neutral fund to support Israel (passed two days after he announced his candidacy for President), measures to provide financial and medical aid to victims of human-trafficking, and to fund water pollution control.  Each and every one of these passed the Senate with a 99-0 tally.

In fact, of the currnet crop of GOP contenders, Cruz has missed the most Senate votes, period.  This year alone, Marco Rubio has missed 19% of the votes.  Randroid Paul has missed just two votes.  Cruz has missed 26% of the votes for 2015, and missed 70% of them for the month of April.

Shouldn't representative know, REPRESENT?
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