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Pride Of The X-Men

A recent article shed some light on the plans for new mutant movies.  Here's the dirt, straight from producer Lauren Shuler Donner:

The Magneto movie is dead.  Or damn close to it.  The script is already written by David Goyer, but as far as fan buzz go, the Big M has been eclipsed.  Since Fox only retains the movie rights if they keep making movies, they aren't going to throw $150 mil at a movie in hopes it does well, their going to throw$150 mil at a movie they KNOW will do well.  Others got the buzz, so that's what they want.

First Class:  in heavy duty development.  Donner says they are aiming for the darker feel of the recent Harry Potter movies.  No line-up has been announced, although Cyclops and Xavier are no-brainers.  It will supposedly take place before the existence of mutants was common knowledge.  Their two concerns are child actors they can keep through a slew of sequels, and fears that the feel may be too similar to the X-Men trilogy.

Wolverine 2:  fast tracked.  Wolverine goes to Japan and becomes involved with Mariko, the daughter of a Japanese crime lord.  Sounds to me like they are going in a noir-ish direction, and this is reinforced by hiring screenwriter Chris McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects).  McQuarrie has supposedly really gotten into the story and is determined to turn in a screenplay of extraordinary magnatude (okay, who got that one?).  They have also enlisted Fox's Japan division to help make sure Japanese culture is depicted correctly instead of just a bunch of stereotypes.  We're promised it's going to be awesome.  Hello!  It's gonna have ninjas!  Of course it's going to be awesome!  I hope it comes out the same summer as the next Pirates Of The Carribean movie, so mornblade and I can continue our pirates vs. ninjas rituals.

Deadpool:  also fast tracked.  They are doing a complete reboot, and this Deadpool will be nothing like the one in the Wolverine movie.  Donner said they want a "dark, snarky, very funny movie" and to "ignore the version of Deadpool that we saw in Wolverine and just start over again".  They expect to have a screenwriter within a month, but this is taking more work than the others since the mix they are seeking is so different.  Ryan Reynolds has already told people he will break the fourth wall like Wade Wilson does in the comic, and Donner is prepared to go to the mat with Fox to make it happen.  The only question is which villains they will incorporate.  Once they have that, it's gonna be nuts.

So where's my goddamn Squirrel Girl movie?!?

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