Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Anytime God Wants To End The World, Fine By Me

Actual posting on Cragslist:

*  WANTED:  Vegan Hunting Partner -- m4w (Anywhere)

This is pretty straightforward, and I think a fair friendship request.  I'm looking for a vegan hunting partner for the upcoming hunting season.  I think we can come to agree that this may benefit us both.

We can keep this formal or we can make this very fun.  Formal would be hunting together.  I'm looking for a meal (an animal) and you're looking to stop someone from eating yours (plants).  It's a win-win scenario.

We can make this fun, though.  Sometimes when I shoot my target it trots off and leaves a trail of blood behind.  As my mom always said, "Four eyes are better than two."  She might have been trying to make me feel better about my vision, but I think it can apply here.  Someone to help me track my wounded prey would really be swell.

How is that fun?  Well, we can make it a game.  You find the bleeding animal first and you can save its life.  If I find it first you get to help me carry it back to my rusted out pick-up truck.




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