Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

We Must We Must We Must Increase Our Bust

I've talked before about the inherent sexism of pop culture, because fan items of female characters will have key differences from male characters.  Witness that there is a mouse pad of Asuka Langley with a pair of gel bumps where her breasts are, but there isn't a Hal Jordan with gel bumps where his glutes are.

And now, the latest example.  In preparation of the release of Metal Gear Solid V:  The Phantom Pain, they are getting action figures ready.  This isn't any big deal -- part of the production budget for games in Japan is recouped from such merchandising (the Final Fantasy movie may have bombed at the box office, but thanks to resin models and action figures and posters and stuff, the movie did break even).

But here's where it gets stupid.  MGSV will feature a new character called Quiet.  Here's the action figure of her.

Thong underwear and fishnets.  I have no idea why women think video games objectify them.

Now, that's bad enough, but it's pretty much standard stuff.  Manly games usually go for the cheap visceral thrills like this, and under normal circumstances, I would just shake my head and not bother writing about it.  So what's different about this?

You can pose the figure's breasts.

No shit.

Here's the tweet from MGS head honcho Hideo Kojima -- "PlayArtsKAI’s Quiet is coming soon. Yoji, a supervisor says some soft materials enables to be pushed & lifted. lol"  Jesus Christ, even the plastic gets plastic surgery.

Lately, every time someone talks about how pop culture objectifies and sexualizes women, a bunch of dipshits complain that it's not so bad and you're an SJW and it's political correctness run rampant and yada yada yada...completely disregarding those times when sexism and objectification is written in neon letters on its giant spinning bow tie.

And I expect better of you, Kojima.  This goes in the same pile as gonzo porn and the Evangelion reboot -- I prefer entertainment that doesn't make me feel like a creep, thank you.
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