Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Letters From Our Readers -- Watchenzem Floppenz

Jesus Christ, why did I have to mention 3D mouse pads?

So, I mentioned 3D mouse pads with gel pads where Asuka's breasts were.  Almost immediately, the fine and upstanding Trapshooter sent me a link to a Spider-Man 3D mouse pad with gel pads were the glutes were.

And now, the fine and upstanding Sugar Coated sent this in.  This fellow is Gabe Newell, the nutritionally challenged head of Valve Software and Steam.

Quick, Watson, the potassium chloride!

A NOTE TO ALL WOULD-BE BASKET CASES:  this effectively put me off my dinner.  If you find ludicrous examples, that's one thing.  But just sending in any 3D mouse pads you find will get your messages deleted faster than XBox Live dropping packets.  Raise or fold.
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