Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

IIIIIIII Love A Charaaaaaaade

My town just got done with a little impromptu parade.  Bracketed by fire trucks with their sirens going and with some school busses mixed in the middle, roughly twenty cars drove down the streets.  Convertibles with teens sitting on the back deck, 3 to 5 per vehicle, and waving to people.  Or poking their heads through the sunroofs in their parents' SUV's.

A cop that I'm friendly with noticed me smirking.  "What's so funny?"

It's Illinois law that anyone riding in a vehicle in any position without a seat belt is to be ticketed, right?

"Keep walking."

Don't dodge the question, Senator.

"Beat it, or I'll run you in!"

On what charge?

"Conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor!"

I'll press charges for you stealing my joke!

"Petty larceny!"

So I left.

It's turning into a damn police state, I tell you.

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